Las Cruces Skate Park

Las Cruces Skate park is located at 151 N Walnut St, Las Cruces, NM 88001. The New Mexican mountains give this park some awesome scenery.

This is a very large and open skate park. There is enough room for plenty of people without being crowded.The park has a ton of banks and turns, along with a bunch of boxes and ledges.

The rails in this park are very sturdy and well built. I found this cool monster while taking some photos.

The park also has a large bowl about 7ft deep with full coping. There is a number of places around the park with pretty high elevation which allows you to build up speed along the entire park. It gives a nice downhill feel for many runs.

I was able to cruise around pretty well on my longboard through the banks and turns.

The skate park is part of a larger park with a bunch of cool stuff. There is a plenty of parking. The park has baseball fields, plus a full dirt BMX track!

I didn’t get to ride it but it looks fun. The park also has a really cool dirt RC track.

This is a great park overall, and the size and openness of the skate park is good for bumming around on a longboard. The banked turns and length of the park allows you to cruise around and have some fun.

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