Cruising Yreka California

I was able to spend a few months in Yreka California and while there I tried to skate a little everyday. The neighborhood streets are hit and miss with smooth roads, but it is definitely possible to skate miles in a row on smooth streets with the right turns and zig zags. The west side of Yreka is at a little higher elevation then the rest of the town, so most of the roads going from west to east are great for building up speed for a good run.

One of my favorite streets to cruise in Yreka is Jackson st, which goes downhill for about 1/2 a mile. There is a decent little hill right in front of the middle school where the road is really wide, at this point your building up enough speed to practice some power slides before the stop sign.

If your looking for a large flat area to ride around in, the middle school is also great for that. There is a huge black top area with track lines painted on it. here is also some monkey bars and stuff if you wanna do some pull ups or dips and stuff to make a workout out of it. There are also a ton of basketball hoops here.

Headed downhill from the middle school I would usually turn right at the stop sign to avoid going through a 4 way intersection. This will take you up South Oregon st. which is slightly up hill for a while, so your kicking for a bit, but its a nice mellow downhill on the way back. After the mellow downhill I would turn right at the fire station which will take you down old main street where you’ll see Mickey Mouse. This drag is smooth and downhill with some slight traffic sometimes. I would turn right at the street before the street light to be safe.

If you were to turn left at the fire station, and ride up that street for a few blocks you would find the Yreka skate park. It’s a small skate park with 2 ramps, a box, and a rail. It’s a very small skate park, but it’s inside of a bigger park.

There is another good long downhill by the highschool track. This road is kinda bumpy, not too bad for soft wheels but annoying with hard wheels. Right after the track turn right for a steep hill. This hill is fun, one of the larger steep hills in the area.

My favorite hill in Yreka is Foothill Drive, You can read more about that hill here. There is another cool path in Yreka called Green Way Trail, you can read about that path and park here.

I spent a lot of time riding around the neighborhood streets and cruising around town in Yreka. I met a few locals while cruising around, and set up with my boards and shirts at one of the free summer concerts and that turned out well, I got a lot of great feedback on my boards and what I’m doing! =) If you like reading about some of my longboard adventures, please help support Lost Coast Longboarding by picking up some gear from our shop. Click the shirt above to see our Big Foot Boarding t-shirt! 

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