I have been a longboarder since 2006 and I recently started making my own longboards and apparel. Each board is hand crafted and painted by me! I started creating boards and shirts on the northern coast of Humboldt, CA in 2016.

Now I am traveling around the U.S.A. trying to sell some of my longboards and meet other independent longboard makers! I will be checking out as many of the country’s best longboarding streets, hills, boardwalks, and skate parks as I can. I’ll also be going to a lot of independent skate shops as I go. I will be sharing what I find along the way here on my blog, where I will post weekly articles. I’ll try to be as organized as possible, making it easy for everyone to read what they want without having to read everything.

I strive to create quality hand crafted longboards and apparel while traveling around and meeting other awesome people in the longboard community! It would mean so much to me if you could help support what I do by picking up some rad gear at my Lost Coast Longboarding store! Thank you for your time and please leave comments and follow The Lost Longboarder blog and Lost Coast Longboarding on Instagram and Facebook . If you have any suggestions on places to ride, I’d love to hear!